Semen analysis is one of the basic, but most important fertility laboratory tests. The goal os the analysis is to answer questions such as: “Are there sperm cells in the ejaculate, and if yes, how many?” and “If sperm are present, are the moving, and what percent are moving?” This information is critical, and is used to help guide the course of treatment for the couple.

The routine semen analysis is performed to exacting standards, in compliance with the most current World Health Organization guidelines.

Components of the routine semen analysis include:

  • Ejaculation volume
  • Sperm concentration
  • Total motility
  • Progressive motility
  • Strict sperm morphology
  • Physical and basic chemical characteristics of the semen

The laboratory is also a referral center for semen analysis, for men who are not patients at the Center, for example: Individuals without an order from their healthcare provider (direct access testing), and individuals with a written order from their healthcare provider.

The semen analysis can also be expanded to include retrograde ejaculation analysis, and sperm DNA fragmentation testing. Post-vasectomy, and vasectomy-reversal semen analysis are also provided.