Fertility Center_Services ImagesWomen who have a healthy uterus but poor egg quality may have the option to become a parent by means of egg donation. This in vitro fertilization procedure is the same as IVF with the patient’s own eggs, except a donor’s eggs are used. Once the embryo has developed, it is transferred from our embryology lab and into the patient’s uterus where pregnancy may develop. The egg donor can be anonymous (not known to the recipient), or from an Egg Bank.

With the Fertility Center of New Mexico, you can be confident that you are in capable hands. Dr. Jim Thompson has diligently maintained his success rates for egg donation. We screen our egg donors to ensure they meet our requirements and those of the FDA. We verify eggs obtained from an Egg Bank also meet FDA requirements.

If you are interested in utilizing an egg donor, please contact our facility to arrange a consultation.

If you’re interested in becoming a donor and helping someone become a parent, please begin here with our pre-screen application.