Reasons to Choose an In-State Fertility Doctor

Pursuing a family in light of infertility is undoubtedly a huge decision, and one that’s followed with many more, like choosing a fertility doctor. 

The quality of care you receive is paramount and greatly influences your chances of conceiving, so making an informed, confident decision of who your provider should be is the first, and often the most important, step of your journey. 

Choosing a Fertility Doctor: In-State or Out-of-State?

Dr. Jim Thompson and The Fertility Center of New Mexico have been providing expert reproductive care since 1986, and have helped countless parents realize their dream of having a child. We understand that many New Mexicans families beginning their journey through infertility are faced with the decision of choosing an in-state or out-of-state fertility doctor. As Albuquerque’s most trusted fertility doctor for over 30 years, the health and well-being of our patients and their families is of the utmost importance to us. Before choosing an out-of-state practice, we invite you to consider the following:

Cost of Travel 

Expenses associated with infertility treatments can be costly, and that’s not including travel costs if you opt for an out-of-state doctor. Travel costs can include a plane ticket or gas money, accommodation expenses for multiple nights, and transportation expenses for multiple appointment visits. This isn’t just a one-time thing, either. You’ll need to visit your doctor frequently, which means frequent charges of each of these expenses. 

Amount of Travel Time Required & Time Away From Work 

As stated above, you’ll need to frequently visit your infertility doctor, which is not only expensive, but also requires a great amount of travel time. Traveling can cause an unnecessary amount of stress that may negatively affect the parents, expecting mother, and their chances of conceiving. Additionally, you’ll be away from work on numerous occasions and for days at a time, which may affect your pay or eligibility for employment. 

Ongoing Monitoring & In-Person Visitation 

Almost every infertility appointment requires in-person visitation and constant monitoring to ensure the health and safety of the mother. The results of choosing an out-of-state doctor are immense travel expenses and time off of work, but by choosing an in-state doctor, you can easily accommodate all appointments, and if an emergency occurs, you’ll be within close distance of your provider.

Embryo Security

Where the practice of your infertility doctor is, is also where your embryos will be stored; meaning if you live here in New Mexico, but your infertility doctor is in New York, your embryos will be kept in New York, and to access them you’ll have to travel to New York. It’s important that your embryos are located in the same state you reside in, that way if at any time you choose to extend your family, you’ll have easy access to them without the cost of travel. 

Less-Personal Relationships

By choosing an out-of-state doctor, you opt to be seen as merely a patient, nothing more. Whereas choosing an in-state fertility doctor, such as The Fertility Center of New Mexico, allows you the opportunity to build real, trusted relationships with your provider. Here, we are your fellow New Mexicans, neighbors, and friends, and we’re genuinely interested in you, your family, and the care you all receive. Long after a patient’s time with us, we remain in close contact with them, often meeting their little one and sharing in precious memories. Here, you’re family and we treat you as such. 

Unnecessary Stress Accompanying the Above 

All of the above can cause unnecessary stress—stress that can harm or hinder your chances of successfully conceiving. Put you and your family first by choosing The Fertility Center of New Mexico—the leading in-state fertility doctor. 

Start Your Family With FCNM

Dr. Jim Thompson and our staff are more than just your infertility specialists, we’re your support, strength, and trusted guides during your journey towards parenthood. If you’re ready to start a family, choose the practice New Mexico has trusted for over 30 years, choose the doctor that’s been voted Albuquerque’s Top Doc for 14 consecutive years—choose The Fertility Center of New Mexico! 

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