Introducing the Geri® Time-Lapse Incubator

Dr. Jim Thompson and The Fertility Center of New Mexico are proud to announce the introduction of the Geri time-lapse incubator into routine clinical use. The Fertility Center of New Mexico was selected to be first in the US to receive the Geri incubator, the newest generation of incubator technology available; combining a state-of-the-art incubation environment (six individual culture chambers) with the highest quality microscope camera system (one camera system dedicated to each culture chamber) that allows for detailed tracking of embryo development during culture.

Observing the details of embryo development as they happen can be critical to the decision process, helping the embryologists to decide which embryo is most likely to result in a healthy pregnancy; a distinct advantage for IVF cycles where the goal is to transfer one embryo.

This powerful technology can be used for all IVF cycles, with or without genetic testing of embryos.

Benefits of the technology:

  • Allows the embryology staff to monitor and evaluate individual embryos in real-time without disrupting the controlled culture environment. Unlike traditional incubators, embryos housed in the Geri incubator do not have to be removed for evaluation.
  • Superior temperature and gas environment (pH) control; the most advanced incubator technology available. Each chamber (six total) is independently controlled and monitored, providing individualized, optimal culture conditions.
  • Superior image quality; 11 focal-plane imaging multiple times per hour.
  • During, and at the end of the culture period, the images for each embryo can be viewed as a time-lapse movie.

Improving IVF Success

The Fertility Center of New Mexico (FCNM) is a leader in reproductive medicine, with an advanced IVF laboratory; including dedicated management of the laboratory environment (air quality, lighting, and temperature controls), state-of-the-art equipment and protocols, and a sophisticated alarm system to monitor all equipment and liquid nitrogen storage tank functions. The laboratory is staffed by a full-time, on-site Ph.D. Board Certified Laboratory Director/Embryologist, and a full-time on-site Board Certified Technical Supervisor/Embryologist, both highly skilled in all aspects of in vitro fertilization, including advanced embryo culture systems, micromanipulation and cryopreservation.