COVID-19: Our Commitment to Your Health and Safety

Dr. Thompson and the staff at The Fertility Center of New Mexico care for each of our patients and our employees, and want to remain upfront about the current situation surrounding COVID-19. The information remains fluid and may change frequently. Our goal is to continue offering selective services to healthy patients for the foreseeable future, and some services may be limited and postponed until it is safe to reinstitute at a later time. To continue to allow this, we have recently adjusted our policies and guidelines as we continue to monitor the situation.

As of March 19th, 2020, the staff at The Fertility Center of New Mexico has implemented these additional steps:

Upon request, we will try to implement telemedicine, such as virtual consultations to patients practicing social distancing, when applicable.

Attempting to contact patients prior to their appointment to confirm that they are exhibiting no symptoms, whether they or a family member have been in contact with someone exhibiting symptoms, or if they’ve traveled within the past week. Any confirmations of these will lead to the appointment being rescheduled for a future date.

Disinfecting appropriate surfaces including countertop surfaces, waiting areas, and bathroom facilities, multiple times per day. We also have hand sanitizer available to patients throughout our facilities.

  • Continuing to practice correct hand washing and sanitizing procedures.
  • Continued thorough disinfection of instruments used by our nurses, techs, and doctor.
  • Use of gloves (when necessary) by the staff when working with patients.
  • Limiting the amount of unnecessary contact, including hand shakes, fist bumps, and hugs.
  • Monitoring employees of possible symptoms, and mandating that anyone experiencing flu-like symptoms remain home.

We understand that this is a confusing time for many people, and especially so those undergoing treatments for fertility. It is our goal to continue to serve our patients to the best of our abilities given the circumstances. Further updates will be shared here, and we look forward to caring for our patients and employees in a safe and productive way.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of skilled nurses and specialists at (505) 248-0000.